After several months of work, the first part of Yann Loisel's debut LP „Upon The Road“ has been      released on the 9th of September!
Recorded in Germany, France and Mexico, Yann Loisel's debut is the result of a international collaboration with renown artists such as The Evolution Band, Lengualerta (Mexico), Longfingah and Sebastian Sturm.
Most of the recording work has been done at the very heart of Berlins reggae scene, the Planet Earth Studio. Mixed by Aldubb and mastered by Ganjaman, the songs were performed by members of the Evolution Band (Gentleman) and Tribuman on the horns (Naâman, Apple Gabriel, Earl16...). Produced by Alex Brechow (iLLBiLLY HiTEC), Upon The Road Part I presents a roots sound, far away from the common Reggae Clichés, yet at the core of this music. Putting electronic effects aside, the tunes are characterized by clean compositions and a live sound. English, Spanish and French lyrics navigate between energetic and committed tracks, positive vibration and melancholy.

Upon The Road Part I is available on every streaming platform and downloadable on Bandcamp!

Born on an island on the french Atlantic coast, Yann Loisel grow up listening to Reggae, Blues, Jazz and Hip Hop. These early musical influences shaped his interpretation of Roots Reggae. His groove-based and clean composition are leaving the vibes and energy as the main drivers of his music, underpinning his committed and spiritual influenced lyrics.

After playing in several bands over the past years he concentrates now on his solo career. In April 2021, the charismatic musician released his DIY EP “Welcome To My Kitchen”, a corona project recorded in his kitchen in Berlin. Anyhow, this laid back project led to first Radio-Plays, Reviews (e.g. Pull-Up Mag, Radio Krimi, ...) and marked the begin of his collaboration with members of the Evolution Band (Gentleman) and producers from the Berlin Reggae community.

Together, they are now working on new tracks, far away from the common Reggae Clichés, yet at the core of this music. The first releases are planned at the beginning of 2022 and Yann Loisel will be back on stage by the Summer of 2022.


Upcoming Shows

12/11/2022 tba, Templin, DE - with Bonfi

Past Shows

21/10/2022 Urban Nature, Sankt Peter Ording, DE

02/10/2022 Klinke Kulturzentrum, Berlin, DE - with Bonfi

16/09/2022 Slaughterhouse, Berlin, DE - with Bonfi

07/09/2022 Panke Culture, Berlin, DE - Release Party with Sebastian Sturm and Slim Levy & Tribuman

28/08/2022 Parasola Festival, Klingemühle, DE

06/08/2022 Haus Arton, Schorfheide, DE

16/07/2022 Klinkerlitz, Eberswalde, DE - with Bonfi

17/06/2022 Rootscafé, Berlin, DE